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Reasearch indicates that students can loose as much as 2 grade levels due to summer inactivity.  In an effort to help students maintain and improve reading skills acquired during the school year, the ACHS library has come up with a list of suggested titles.  While this list includes classics it also includes a lot of titles for pleasure reading - reading for the fun of it.  It's our hope that ACHS will become a community of lifelong readers.

Disclaimer:  This is a list of suggested titles based on Mrs. Paulette's personal reading, student and staff recommendations, book reviews, award winners and various other lists.  Every book is not appropriate for every student.  The ACHS library recognizes the parent and student as the ultimate authority over students' recreational reading. 

The suggested summer reading list is oranized according to the following themes.  To view the booklist for each theme, simply click on the link. 


 Discover Worlds Beyond Appomattox

 Big Stunning Books That Take a Whole Summer to Read

Books for Students Who Hate to Read Anything More Than a Stop Sign 

 Hair Raising/Spine Tingling/Blood and Guts

 A Blast from the Past

 Laugh Out Loud

 Bring on the Popcorn


 Don't You Forget About Me

 I Can't Believe He Did That

 Faculty Reads



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