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Technology Tools

 Comic Creators

Toondoo - create digital comic strips

Pixton for Schools - ACHS has a school account.  For activation codes please contact the librarian ([email protected]

GoAnimate4Schools - Create your own online animations.  Simple to use tools allows students to select characters, backgrounds, voices, props.  Subscription service.  See librarian for information on student and teacher accounts.

 Zimmer Twins - Students create simple animated movies starring the Zimmer Twins.  Similar to goanimate but limited in scope.


**New**Pics4Learning - Copyright free images for education.  Searchable by category or search bar

Creative Commons - Looking for an image, video, or sound without copyright worries?  Try creative commons.  Uses sites like Flickr, YouTube, Google Images, and Sound Cloud with media that has a creative commons license which makes it legal for you to use in specified ways.

Wikimedia Commons - Creative commons licensed images in a searchable format.  Good alternative to Google Images.

Copyright Guidelines for Educators- a chart showing exactly how much printed and digital material can be used in accordance with Fair Use guidelines.  

 PicMonkey - Lots of the same features as now-defunct PicNic.  Can edit picture and add special effects like colors, text, graphics, textures, etc.

 Big Huge Labs - create trading cards, cubes, jigsaws, magazine covers, movie posters using your images


Quizlet - A free site to develop flash cards and a limited number or review games.  Create flash cards and organize by classes.  Multiple language.  ACHS also has a plus subscription. - use one of their created lists for SAT or subject area vocabulary or create your own.  Provides flashcards and games

Visual Thesaurus - A mindmap of synonyms and related words. Type in the word you're looking for.  Visual Thesaurus will create a map.  Click on branches to expand results.  

Curation Tools

 Symbaloo - Do you find yourself visiting the same sites all the time? Try Symbaloo. Allows you to collect websites and applications in one place. They appear as tiles on your page and allow you view external content.

Pinterest - Pinterest has tons of educational boards already created, from bulletin board to activities.  Browse and pin to your own boards or collect from the web and pin as you go along.


Zooburst - Create 3-D popup books online.  Can use library of pictures or upload your own. Free subscription or for a price unlock larger media library and drawing tools.

Creaza - a toolbox which allows you to create movies, cartoons, and mindmaps all in one place.  Limited school version available for free.  Expanded premium available for a price

 Infographics Creation

 Piktochart - An infographic creator.  Create charts, pictographs, line and bar graphs to display information in  a visual way.

 Poster Tools

 GlogsterEDU - ACHS has an account.  For activation code, see the librarian.  Create interactive posters with embedded video, images, graphics, animation, and text boxes.

Recite This - create a variety of posters using templates.  Made to use with quotes not images or video.

Printing Press - Read Write Think sponsored tool to create newspaper, brochure, poster/flyer


 Augmented Reality

Thinglink - Take an image and embed information within the image using icons.  When you scroll over the icons, the embedded information appears. The information can be other images, text, or video.

Aurasma - A ramped up version of QR codes.  Instead of a black and white code an image is the key.  Choose an image and layer embedded content. 

 QR Codes -  Using a QR Code generate, create a QR code.  Use a QR code reader to read the code and go to the embedded content. Content can be textual, digital, or visual.

 Game Based Learning

 Zondle - Create a series of questions and answers. Students respond and then get to play a game based on correct answers; team or individual play

Tech and Learning - a listing of 100 best game based learning apps

 Presentation Tools

 PREZI - Tired of powerpoint?  Try this nonlinear alternative.  Registration is free and simple.  Easily incorporate video, graphics, and third party sites.

Animoto - Easy to create videos with pictures, text, and music.  Thirty second videos are free.  Longer videos require username and password.  Teachers can apply for a free educator account which generates codes for free student accounts.

Haiku Deck - Available as an or or web-based.  An alternative to PowerPoint.  Best feature it the image search which matches text on your slide to an appropriate image.

Powtoon - Powerpoint meets animation; create engaging animated presentations

Moovly - subscribe to a free account to create animated videos; easy to create videos by importing from an object library or your own personal image and sound library; use the timeline to adjust how objects, images, and sounds will be viewed; embeddable

 Assessment Tools

Padlet (formerly Wallwisher)  -  Imagine a wall full of digital post-its from your entire class.  This is padlet.  It allows you to pose a question and then have students response via a digital post-it.  Viewable tot he entire class.  No logon required. All that's needed is an access number.

FlipGrid - A formative assessment tools that allows your students to record a response via video.  Creates grids showing question and students responses.

 Socrative - Both an IPAD and cloud based application.  Create quizzes, exit tickets for students to complete.  Students logon and then enter a room number.  Enter their name and complete the activity.  You can then generate a spreadsheet displaying student answers.

Infuse Learning - A student response tool which allows for drawn answers, true/false, multiple choice, short answer.  Responses can be viewed live.  No student login required.  All that 's needed is a room number.

Kahoot - Create a set of questions and answers. Students enter the game using  a pin via their cell phones or website (sorry, no IOS App).  They respond to the questions and are awarded points based on accuracy and speed. Gives a running leaderboard.

 Flipped Learning

**New**TouchCast - Imagine recording a lesson for your students and making it interactive by including video clips, polls, and other interactives within the video.

**New**Explain Everything - An IPAD app that allows you to import text and images onto a whiteboard surface and then write on that whiteboard all the while recording your writings.

 Blendspace (formerly EdCanvas) - You teach a lesson and find create video clips, graphics, documents.  The next year you aren't sure what those links where.  Sound familiar?  Try digital curation tools.  They collect all of these things on one page  EdCanvas allows you to search Google Images, FlickR, YouTube, Gooru, webpages, Educreations all from your page.  Then simply add media you want to use directly to the page.  It will be available to you from that one place instead of having to open and close numerous windows.  Also, you can browse other already created canvases as well.

 EduCreations - An online whiteboard.  Create a lesson using the interactive whiteboard. Save it.  Can be viewed multiple times by multiple users.  Even more valuable are the already created examples available.

 Odds & Ends

**New**Hemingway App - An online editing program.  Students cut and paste their writing into the Hemingway App.  It color codes things such as passive voice and hard to understand sentences. It also gives a readability level and word count.

**New**DropTask - Create a visual task list with projects and tasks in color coded groups.  Easily manipulate and move as tasks are completed.

Edmodo - a secure Facebook like platform for educators.  Students must have a group code to join.  Post messages to your class, conduct class discussion, post assignments.

ClassTools - Tons of creative learning tools including Fakebook Pages, Fake Twitter Conversation generators, graphic organizers, games, random game picker, and timers

Wordle - create word clouds by entering text or URL

 Tagxedo - create a shaped word cloud

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